Alexandria professional sugaring

Alexandria Professional® Sugaring Formulas are 100% natural, and FREE of “nasties”

Our Sugar Pastes do not stick to live skin cells

Advanced Sugaring Treatments are economical

Our Sugar Pastes are 100% water-soluble

Trained and certified AP Practitioners massage our Advanced Sugar Paste onto the skin by hand at lukewarm temperature

The Alexandria Sugar Pastes are 100% hygienic

Alexandria Professional®’s Pre & After Care System is very effective

Our success is demonstrated on both genders of all ages, all skin colors and all body hair textures

No need to shave between sugaring treatments and no need to let your hair grow, grow, grow

Brand Recognition

Sugaring Services

Eyebrow                                             $16.00

Chin or lip or sideburns           $13.00

Full Face                                             $31.00

Underarm                                          $17.00

½ Arm                                                 $18.00

Full Arm                                              $24.00

½ Leg                                                   $29.00

3/4 Leg                                                $33.00

Full Leg                                               $40.00

Bikini                                                   $22.00

G-String                                              $32.00

Playboy                                               $37.00

Brazilian (4wks)                             $44.00

Brazilian                                             $50.00

Monobrow                                        $12.00

Shoulders                                           $18.00

Full Back                                              $40.00

Chest                                                     $24.00

Abdomen                                             $18.00

1/2 Leg                                                    $34.00

Full Leg                                                $46.00