Massage & Body Treatments

30min Massage $30.00

45min Massage $45.00

55min Massage $55.00


Full Body Brushing $25.00

Full Body Exfoliation $40.00

Full Body Brushing & Exfoliation $55.00

Full Body Brushing & Massage $70.00

Let Secret Wellbeing take you on a journey like no other, smell the amazing Germane de Capuccini Massage oils, let your mind, body and soul choose the one right for your treatment.

Vitality - (Mandarin, nutmeg, lime and Italian lemon) to help stimulate the body.

Relax - (Lavender, sandalwood, patchouli, violet and ylang ylang) to help relax the body.

Active - (Spearmint, clary sage, and cinnamon leaf) firming and helping with circulation of the body.

Svelte - (Cedarwood, juniper and lavender) helps detox the body.

Aqua - (Geranium, patchouli and coriander) to bring moisture back into the skin