Express Mini Facial              $55.00

A mini germaine de capuccini facial for the clients in a hurry.

Teenager Facial              $55.00

A express deep cleansing facial to help exfoliate the skin and bring it back to balance.

Germaine de capuccini prescription facial              $80.00

It is the fundamental facial to deal with your skin concerns while the skin is deeply cleansed to help with healing and balancing the skin.

So Delicate Facial              $80.00

Perfect for the most delicate of skins.  A deeply hydrating facial that protects the skin by reinforcing its own self defence capacity, leaving it fresh, clear and calm.

Exotic Anti aging facial                        $85.00

This facial will improve the skin tone, smooth the skin and leave it fresh, clear and radiant.  Features a cleanse, exfoliation, fruit masque, massage and moisturise.

Royal Elixir                                          $85.00

This facial combines an outstanding nourishing elixir with an extraordinary anti-aging power which will preserve optimum skin resilience.   It combats the signs of stress and fatigue and strengthens the skin.

Purexpert Facial               $85.00

This facial is designed to treat hormonal changes in the skin resulting in breakouts and an unbalanced level of oil production whilst simultaneously hydrating the skin.

Timexpert Rituals                                  $99.00

This wonderful facial is just the solution your are after to target those anti-aging concerns.  It is designed for your age group.


                 Timexpert Rides (Better than botox facial)                 $149.00

Visible results after one facial.  A truly innovative and powerful anti- aging facial that helps skin recover its youthfulness.  Containing "micro-dermoxine complex" an exclusive combination of peptides with a specific anti-wrinkle effect that regenerates the skin while correcting and filling in fine lines and expression lines, diminishing the depth and the length of wrinkles to prevent further development.


Add on services

Microdermabrasion $30.00

Flash C Radiance Mask $19.95



Experience one of these truly unique facials is only have the battle. Here at Secret Wellbeing I will show you how following a homecare maintenance program is where you will see your true results come to light