Yonka - Nature

Nature and plants...

from aromatherapy to phytotherapy


From roots to seeds, over 130 plants (1) from the lands and seas of the entire world are used to compose Yon-Ka products and contribute to their effectiveness through targeted phyto-aromatic active ingredients:

- from aromatherapy to aromachology (2), the spearheads of the brand, essential oils deliver their volatile scented molecules to the powerful physiological and psychotherapeutic actions;

- from phytotherapy to gemmotherapy (3), the titrated and objectified extracts of the plants are used: peptides, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins, mineral salts, trace elements, polyphenols, AHAs, BHAs and more reinforce and enrich the formulas and effectiveness of the products.

Yon-Ka accentuates the complementarity of these renowned sciences.


At the heart of the Yon-Ka formulas: the Quintessence

This is an extraordinary synergy of five pre-dosed essential oils with a wide field of action. It is used in the composition of 70% of the brand’s products.

Depending on its concentration, it is also a relaxing or energizing olfactory treasure.

Fine lavender from Haute-Provence with calming, healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Geranium from Egypt with anti-inflammatory, antalgic and healing properties.

Rosemary from Morocco, with antiseptic, regenerating and toning properties.

Cypress from Provence with decongesting and nerve-balancing properties.

Thyme from Spain, an excellent stimulant with powerful antiseptic properties.