Natural cold remedy

coconut magic cold.jpg

It’s getting little colder outside don’t you reckon.

Got a cough or a cold coming on you, or you just can’t shift it.

Try this natural remedy for helping with your nasty cold.

I am a huge fan of trying the natural way, so after feeling a cold coming on I decided to make up my hot liquid remedy, normally I just use raw honey and fresh lemon, this time I added some coconut oil.  It was not only delicious but I felt so much better the next day.

Raw Honey, fresh lemon and coconut oil has amazing anti- viral and anti-microbial properties, honey is brilliant for soothing your throat.  Lemon and coconut oil is fantastic for boosting your immune system to help fight that nasty cold.

So why not try it, perfect way for your body to fight off this cold naturally.