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Anti-aging focus:

Aging of the skin is closely related to each person's lifestyle. To stay young, YON-KA offers a double solution for every aging concern, providing a perfect synergy between home care products and salon treatments. By: Claire

an optimum anti-aging preventive action


From what age should you start using an anti-aging treatment to preserve your youthful appearance?

From the age of 25, use VITAL DEFENSE, an ally for all customers from the age of 25 who wish to protect their skin from aging caused by harsh environmental factors (pollution, cigarette smoke, exposure to UVs, climate variation, etc.). This "anti-pollution" shield, with Myrtle extract and Moringa peptides is also precious for anyone experiencing a dull or a muddy complexion and lifeless skin.

In a salon, pair it with: The VITAL DEFENSE preventive anti-aging booster treatment – 1 hour.
Anti-oxidant and anti-pollution, Vital Defense is the ideal preventive treatment to protect against harsh environmental factors and preserve your skin's youthful glow.

Result: an optimum anti-aging preventive action

•    What is the best treatment for dull or uneven skin?
The FRUITELIA emulsion and the renewing anti-wrinkle concentrate ALPHA-COMPLEX, with its perfectly dosed fruit acids, gently eliminate aging cells and favor their renewal. They refine the skin's surface, brighten the complexion and restore its glow, while smoothing wrinkles and fine lines.

In a salon, pair them with: The ALPHA VITAL resurfacing fruit acid treatment – 1 hour 15 minutes
Through the action of controlled fruit acids, wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed. Your complexion is brightened. Your skin becomes softer and firmer, visibly younger.

The result: a brighter complexion. Wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed. Your skin is left soft and silky.

•    My skin is less firm, what can I do?
Opt for the OPTIMIZER DUO, your closest ally. Thanks to the unique association of plant extracts rich in Hibiscus and White Lupine peptides, the Firming, Anti-Aging Program ADVANCED OPTIMIZER provides a complete and undeniably innovative solution against skin slackening. The SÉRUM and CRÈME act in tandem to boost the skin's natural reconstruction process, slow the destruction of supporting tissues, repair and protect the epidermis.

In a salon, pair them with: The firming-tightening treatment OPTIMIZER – 1 hour 15 minutes.
An exceptional treatment, which acts as a true, firm skin "coaching" for a visibly younger looking complexion and redefined facial contours.

The result: skin is visibly younger, firmer and smoother. Your facial contours appear redefined.

•    How can I prevent wrinkles from becoming deep and set?
Choose ELASTINE JOUR and ELASTINE NUIT, the ultimate twin treatment! These two complementary day and night creams with 19 essential amino acids smooth the epidermis and help restore its elasticity.

The result: skin is perfectly hydrated, nourished and protected. Superficial wrinkles and fine lines are diminished.

•    What can I do about deeper, set wrinkles?
With its Boswellia and Dill extracts, the STIMULASTINE JOUR and NUIT program, counters the deterioration of elastin fibers, smooths and restructures your skin. Its elegant texture is comforting.

In a salon, pair them with: The VITAL ELASTINE smoothing/restructuring anti-wrinkle treatment – 1 hour 15 minutes
All Yon-Ka's anti-aging expertise has been implemented in this treatment with two levels of action. The Vital Elastine treatment acts both on superficial wrinkles and deeper, set wrinkles which it visibly diminishes thanks to targeted and personalized techniques.

The result: Skin is hydrated. The epidermis is restructured. Wrinkles are reduced on the surface and at depth.

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