Time out?

Time Out?

How often do we take some timeout from our busy days. Just to sit in the silence and look at the beauty around us, this week I booked in an appointment with myself, yes with myself I give myself two hours of me time.  You know what it was the best time I have had in a long while. I got myself a lovely coffee, a good book, and headed to a beautiful lake.  I sat here in silence watching as the duck feed in the lake, families played in the park, some birds rested on my table.  It was lovely to just stop and look at the world around us it really is so beautiful.  If we could just put down the phones and step away from being a mom, dad, grandma, grandad, sister, brother, daughter, worker the employee, etc.  STOP book in some me time today.  It really gives you that opportunity to count your blessing and realise how lucky we all are.