Nature how beautiful

Nature how beautiful

This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting another amazing and wonderful place in Australia.

The Bunya Mountains.

It took my breath away, the first day we arrived the weather wasn't on our side, but the beautiful log cabin and roaring fire, nice glass of wine, spending time with family it didn't matter what the weather was like, I knew behind the mist and rain there was an amazing view, I just had to wait, so I sat back on the sofa enjoying the company I was in.

The following morning we went out for a walk, the sun was out, it was cold and windy but the views were even more magical than I had imagined.   It was spectacular, I think everyone should take a step out in nature and just breath, enjoy the beauty around you.

Life is for living and enjoying every moment.

Bunya Mountains - Took my breath away.

This picture was an image of me having a glass of bubbles watching the sunset, it was beautiful as you can see.

So who is going to step out into nature this week?