Getting ready for your Massage


Having your first massage!

Are you feeling nervous, unsure what to do?

Here is some tips on how to get ready for your massage.

1. Have a shower before your massage you will feel clean and more relaxed.

2. Arrive 5-10min before your massage, this will give you time to fill out your consultation form and relax read through a magazine before being taken in for your treatment.

3. Let your therapist know what you want from your massage, what pressure you like etc, the more you tell your therapist the more enjoyable it will be for you and your therapist.

4. Relax use this time to relax and quieten the mind, I know sometimes it is nice to have a chat but you will enjoy your treatment more if you let not only your body but your mind to relax also.

5. Your therapist is not a miracle working, if you have lots of knots in your back etc, this will not be removed in one visit, you will feel a realise from your massage, but with regular massage you will feel more of a benefit from your treatments.

6. If you can leave the Yon-ka oil on your skin, you will feel more of the benefits from your massage and have an amazing sleep.   And the smells are amazing.

7. Relax & Enjoy take this time out just for you.  You deserve it, so enjoy it x